An education
designed to suit
every student.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. At ɫƵ, we provide pathways which allow each individual student to pursue their passion and thrive – from Year 7 to Year 12 and beyond.


Our commitment to improve the experience for each student means that we are constantly reviewing our practices, and drawing on evidence-based research to create the very best opportunities for learning.


Our curriculum spans three distinct stages of learning. Each stage is built around different purposes, different outcomes and a wide variety of experiences.


Middle School — Years 7 and 8

Pathways — Years 9 and 10

Senior School — Years 11 and 12

Middle School


In Year 7 and 8 we establish habits for success.


The focus in Middle School is to build skills, knowledge and understandings about secondary school. Students are in core classes and have a limited number of different teachers, easing the transition to high school alongside the support of our Learning Communities.

Year 7 students go to Harrietville to engage in outdoor activities such as canoeing, raft building, archery and mountain bike riding.


Year 8 students participate social justice experiences that culminate in our winter sleepout where they gain empathy for those in our society doing it tough.


We aim to foster an enjoyment of linguistics and an appreciation for countries overseas. Students are introduced to the basic geography of France or Japan, and to aspects of each nation’s culture. We develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.


In French the focus is broadly personal within topics such as self, family, friends, pets, animals and numbers. In Japanese the focus is on script acquisition. We develop communication skills within topics such as self, family, friends, likes and dislikes, and students also learn to make origami.


In history, students learn about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire – how they developed an advanced army that ruled by force, and how they had advanced engineering, roads, cities, and buildings.



Our Year 9 and 10 program is about student choice and engagement.


Moving from the breadth of the Middle Schools program, the Pathways years focus on areas of enthusiasm, allowing students to forge their own academic journey. We offer more than 80 subjects! Students study units from all learning areas, but additional free choice allows them to pursue a particular learning area and expand their understandings and skills. Pathways prepares students for Senior School.

With Musical Theatre, Interior Design, Cooking, Metal Work and 3D Game Design, our Art and Technology selection is the widest in the Border. Our facilities with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment supports students through learning hands-on subjects.


Students study an English text according to their own interests. These include topics such as Dystopian Worlds, Wonder Women and Fantasy.


Essential lifesaving skills are taught in waterways such as the Murray River as part of our open water program.


In Term 4, students attempt activities that put them out of their comfort zones: white water rafting, art and culture, sport and science, ranch or indigenous outdoor education, and careers.

Senior School


In Year 11 and 12, students prepare for life beyond school.


Every student has a different pathway and different goals, and we are here to provide support for them all. Whether they earn their VCE or VCAL, our hope is that every student leaves as a critical thinker and a life-long learner

Spaces designed

for learning.


Our schools facilities have been designed to engage students through multiple styles of learning and teaching, from traditional classrooms to collaborative areas and quiet study zones.



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